Managing Your Bad Habits For Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Doctors are often naïve or insensitive about our bad habits. An online doctor’s advice column might simply read “Here’s how to quit drinking!” without realizing that the tactics proposed are unrealistic and take too much time investment. For blue-collar women and men, or others who work and play hard, the best place to start is not with quitting, but with management.

The same goes for cancer-causing vices, of course. Let’s look at five ways to keep the damage of bad habits to a minimum, and cut back on cancer risk in the process.

Get Your Nicotine Fix – From a Vape

Vaping has taken quite a hard beating on social media recently. “You haven’t had a date in six years,” a post might say. “No surprise that you vape.” Unfortunately, it seems that your 6th-grade DARE officer had it right – a dangerous activity like smoking is still accepted as “cool” yet its nearly-harmless alternative is seen as unsexy.

You know what’s cool? Being healthy. Doctors agree that vaping carries less than 10 percent of the cancer risk of moderate or heavy smoking. So go ahead and vape, and let the cool kids cough all over each other.

Eat a Lot – Of a Healthy Food You Enjoy

Can’t resist the urge to binge? Thankfully, there is some food and drink it is relativity safe to gorge or drown in, without an increased risk of cancer due to obesity or imbalance.

Popcorn can be okay, if it’s not loaded down with a lot of salt and old-fashioned butter. Fruits and vegetables seem like an obvious choice, but careful – dieticians advise that some folks can handle the amount of natural acid and water in consuming a large amount of fruit, but others can’t.

Buy a Juicer

Research shows that soda and other sugary drinks can contribute significantly to your cancer risk. Don’t want to drink water all day, and not interested in diet mixes and colas? Try making your own fresh-squeezed fruit juice with a home juicer.

There is simply no comparison to store-bought juice, and it can help you curtail a nasty soda habit by appealing to your taste buds. Think an ice-cold Pepsi tastes great? Trust us – it doesn’t hold a candle to a glass of in-season Jonathan apple juice, with a few grapes mixed in.

Future Research Possibilities

Peptides are synthetic chains of replicated amino acid bonds that are currently being scientifically researched and have been shown to provide many different overall health benefits.

Cancer Prevention

Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that peptides can help speed fat-burning in cells, promote a longer life span within cells and aid in a healthy metabolism which are all promising for the future of overall health.

Peptides are still under scientific research and they are not yet approved by the FDA for human use or consumption. .

Make a Deal

Remember those Deal-a-Meal promotions, which made everyone forget that Richard Simmons was the fat guy in a Fellini movie? The ads were corny, but customers flocked because the system was effective. Learn more information at

Going down the street to the convenience store? Walk, don’t drive. Maybe after you get your blood flowing, you won’t feel like finishing that Big Gulp. Visiting Starbucks for a dessert drink? Plan your next hiking trip on your laptop while you indulge.

Remember, your habits – and you – may not be perfect…but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart.

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