Five Unorthodox Ways Of Preventing Cancer


There are many well-known ways of preventing cancer risk that you are probably sick of hearing about by now – diet, exercise, vitamins. Increased intake of antioxidants is always a favorite.

But what if there are other odd, simple and fun tactics, most of which don’t cost you a dime of money or an ounce of sweat? Here are some truly strange and amazing methods of cancer prevention. We would be astounded if you have heard of them all!

Soak and Baste

Believe it or not, you can fight cancer at your next barbecue – by marinating or basting the meat before cooking.

Heterocyclic amines, a DNA-damaging compound, can be found in grilled meat. This substance can contribute to many cancers. Studies show that eating charred meat too often can increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 60 percent. But never fear – you don’t need to skip your next grilled steak. Marinating in beer or wine for a couple of hours before cooking will reduce the harm.

Drink (a Little)

Everyone knows the health risks associated with drinking too much. But did you know that drinking too little can increase your cancer risk? A study in Belfast recently showed that a moderate amount of alcohol (one or two servings a day) can help defend the body against the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, which can cause ulcers and even stomach cancer!

Too much alcohol can increase the danger as well, so go easy – but yes, there is a tumor-fighting benefit in that after-dinner glass of wine.

Avoid the Dry Cleaner’s!

Mitch Hedberg once joked about seeing a sign at his dry cleaners, “Sorry, We’re Closed” at 4 AM. “It would be ridiculous for me to assume it would be open. No need to be sorry,” he joshed.

But in reality, perhaps they shouldn’t have been apologizing due to another reason. Many dry cleaning services use perchloroethylene, a chemical which contributes to cancer risk in the liver and other organs. Experts warn that if you have your clothes dry cleaned, you should at least air them out before wearing – and get rid of the plastic they came in.

Future Research Possibilities

Many different peptides are currently being scientifically researched for different healthful benefits. Melanotan-2 is a synthetic peptide that has been shown to help suppress the appetite. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that Melanotan-2 has the potential to help burn fat, increase energy and sex drive, while at the same time stimulating the melanocyte receptors which cause tanning. The Melanotan-2  peptide is still under scientific research and development. .


This product is not yet approved for human use or  consumption by the FDA. You can learn more about this research product  by clicking here.

Shorten your Manicure

This one might really seem too hard to believe. You can reduce your risk of developing cancer by having less pretty nails?

Yes. Research actually shows that receiving a high number of ultraviolent drying sessions at your nail salon produces an increased risk of skin cancer. Drying machines that emit large amounts of radiation can damage your DNA with as few as 8 visits over a 4-year period. If you are opposed to air-drying your nails after a manicure, doctors advise using sunscreen on your hands before visiting the salon.

These methods may seem unorthodox – but it beats force-feeding yourself sauerkraut or gallons of green tea. Remember there are many hidden ways to help your body fight the risk, so keep learning!

Five Absurdly Simple Ways To Help Prevent Cancer

Preventing Colorectal Cancer

Don’t Sit Down, Stand Up!

Sitting down might seem like a banal subject to bring up, but too much sitting can seriously hurt your health. Recent studies show that people who sit for most of their day are at as much as a 24 percent higher risk for colon and endometrial cancer. But for Americans who work at a desk, then relax at home, what strategies are available to get them on their feet?

Start by turning off the TV! Doctors think that patients who spend too much time watching television are at a much higher risk of developing cancer, so try visiting your local park instead of pizza and a game. If you live in an excessively hot or cold climate, and there isn’t much else to do for fun, try walking on your treadmill while viewing a favorite show.

Steam Your Greens

Articles often focus on the food products we consume and the ingredients served at dinner. But a hidden way of increasing the nutritional value of a meal is to watch how you prepare it.

A 2008 study by nutritional scientists in Italy showed that steaming, rather than boiling or microwaving broccoli prevents the helpful cancer-preventing properties of the vegetable from being leached off into the cooking water. Eating veggies raw or steamed is a great way to prevent a loss of nutritional intake – and make sure your body has the tumor-fighting fuel that it needs.

Go Outside

When we think of being outdoors in the sun, the word “cancer” usually clings in conjunction in a negative way – developing skin cancer from too much direct exposure, for instance.

But research tells us that a healthy amount of Vitamin D is a great prevention agent. 90 percent of the Vitamin D in your body comes from sunlight – not spending enough time in the sun can lead to a higher risk of multiple cancers, including breast, colon and stomach cancer. Remember, it only takes a few minutes outside to keep you healthy!

Future Research Possibilities

Peptides are currently being researched in the scientific community and have been shown to help with many different  health conditions. Some specific peptides have been shown to help stimulate the  body’s ability to metabolize fat and maintain energy. The peptide GHRP-2 promotes the bodys own natural production of growth hormone and other key biological processes which have been shown to be  helpful in increasing metabolism and warding off long-term health disorders.

Preventing Colorectal Cancer

Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that GHRP-2 can lead to increased calcium bio-availability and reductions in overall body fat. The product is not approved for human use or consumption by the FDA.

Ladies, Relax in the Dark

So first you tell me to go outside in the sun, you think, and now you’re telling me to stay in the dark! What kind of contradictory health advice is this?

But for women, studies show that too much light in the bedroom may increase your risk of breast and ovarian cancers. Light can suppress melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle, and when your brain is producing melatonin , it wants you to sleep.

So have fun and enjoy your evening, but flip off that light when it’s time to slumber!

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